1st GP of Spain to be held under the Malaga sunshine at Palacio Desportes Carpena, and the stage is set for this special occasion!

This 3rd round of the 2018 SuperEnduro season represents an important moment for the riders to take charge and make an impact, since they will then only have 2 rounds left before the season finale of this year’s SuperEnduro World Championship (SEWC) and the crowning of the 2018 World Champion!

The challenge is therefore a big one for Cody WEBB, currently at the top of the standings, if he wants to widen the gap to his closest competitors: Taddy BLAZUSIAK, Billy BOLT, and Colton HAAKER- who all still have a chance to shine tonight and upset the rankings!
Not to mention a big extra pressure for these riders with the arrival of David KNIGHTin the arena! The first World Super Enduro Champion back in 2008 and three-time World Enduro Champion, “Knighter” takes the place of Eloi SALSENCH (injured) in the Grading List. And replaces Danny MCCANNEY (also injured) at GAS GAS, he is ultra motivated to make his place at the top of the timesheet!

The circuit on which the best international riders in the world will compete tonight is a particularly technical, narrow track, with many obstacles and bumps! It will be thrilling!
Everything suggests that the Palacio will tonight host a legendary SEWC 2018 race, with a crazy atmosphere, and a lot of pressure on the riders!

The current ranking after the second round in Riesa is as follows:

Prestige: 1. Cody WEBB 109pts; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 96pts; 3. Billy BOLT 83pts; 4. Colton HAAKER 77pts; 5. Alfredo GOMEZ 68pts; 6. Manuel LETTENBICHLER 64pts; 7. Jonny WALKER 61pts; 8. Daniel MCCANNEY 41pts; 9. Cristobal GUERRERO 34pts; 10. Blake GUTZEIT 31pts...

Junior: 1. Kevin GALLAS 96pts; 2. Kyle FLANAGAN 84pts; 3. Diego HERRERA 67pts; 4. Ignacio FERNANDEZ 67pts; 5. Emil JUSZCZAK 64pts; 6. William HOARE 59pts; 7. Oskar KACZMARCZYK 59pts; 8. Leon HENTSCHEL 54pts; 9. Matteo CAVALLO 41pts; 10. Teodor KABAKCHIEV 38pts...

Practical Information :

Doors open at 18:00 CET and the LIVE TV coverage will start at 20:30 CET on superenduro.org.