2017 Starts with a Bang!

The German Grand Prix was another thriller. We look back on a breathtaking second round…

Full House!

For the second time of the season, the SuperEnduro was sold out! Indeed, the SachsenArena in Riesa was completely full (6,000 spectators) three days before the event! Despite the stadium being smaller than the Tauron Arena in Krakow, it didn’t prevent the vast German crowd from creating a lot of noise and a great atmosphere thanks to very good racing in Prestige and in Junior!


From Rookie to Podium Sitter... and vice versa!

If you only just noticed 21-year-old Ignacio FERNANDEZ (Sherco) in his second Grand Prix, it was because the Sherco rider did not qualify in Krakow on December 10th. A month later, in Germany, FERNANDEZ made himself known. First of all by qualifying for the three Junior finals and then by ensuring an amazing performance in the races! Indeed, "Nachette", as he is nicknamed, made sure he was very visible by taking second place overall in the Grand Prix behind Blake GUTZEIT (ZAF - Yamaha)! Although he had some difficulties in the second race (13th), he was very quick and consistent in the other two (2nd / 3rd). Conversely, the revelation of the Polish GP, Kyle FLANAGAN (ZAF - Sherco) could not compete in the finals, the fault of a qualifying time well below his normal performances...

30 Year Anniversary!

On the occasion of this third edition of the SuperEnduro’s German Grand Prix, the organisers were keen to honour the last victory of East Germany at the Six Days of Enduro, 30 years ago (1987)! The Champions and bikes from the Trophy and Junior teams (that year the East German squads had a clean sweep) were honoured in the early evening before the races. A race jersey from the time was even updated for the event! A great tribute to a generation that lead the German success in Enduro with the likes of STURM, WEBER, CYFFKA, KLATKE, BIBERBACH...

Pic: Denis GÜNTHER


The weekend had started very badly for the 2016 Spanish Indoor Enduro Champion Joan Pau SEGURA (Gas Gas). Indeed, the newly-signed Gas Gas rider lost control of his van on the icy roads leading to Riesa. And things did not get any better once he was safely inside the arena... while SEGURA set an excellent time in qualifying that propelled him - for the very first time in his career - into Super Pole powered by Akrapovic; he fell heavily in the log section in the first race. As a result, the Majorcan had to be taken to hospital and he was not able return for the rest of the evening. He suffered a very big knock to his right hand but luckily has no fractures or sprains. All of the SuperEnduro paddock wishes him a speedy recovery, hoping to see him back on March 4 for the Grand Prix AMV Seguros d 'Euskadi!

From Russia with Love

After failing to qualify in Krakow, Russian SuperEnduro Champion David LEONOV (Husqvarna) endured a month of intensive training, after learning what he needed to do in order to stick with the best riders on the planet. And it paid off! Indeed, the Husqvarna Russia rider qualified without too much trouble by setting the second fastest time in his group behind Aurélien ADDESSO (F - Beta). Then he enjoyed a very solid evening, finishing in the Top 10 Prestige... what a way to encourage him to work even harder and aim even higher for the next race, taking place in less than two months at Bilbao Exhibition Centre.

David LEONOV fighting here with Alfredo GOMEZ


It can’t be easy to be the teammate of the champion, Colton HAAKER (USA - Husqvarna). But it would seem that Pascal RAUCHENECKER (AUT - Husqvarna) is unfazed by any pressure to perform. For his very first season in SuperEnduro, the Austrian shows a lot of confidence and a sense of showmanship. 8th a month ago in Poland, the factory Rockstar Husqvarna rider has already shown impressive progress. He finished 5th, only 2 points off the 4th place, held by Mario ROMAN (E - Sherco). In addition to these great results, he rode with the throttle wide open and an on-the-limit pace which kept the crowd excited. "RAUCHI" was the only driver to double jump the water-filled pool, which allowed him to compete with Jonny WALKER (GB - KTM) and HAAKER for more than half the second race and also allowed to win the hearts of the German fans! If he continues, RAUCHENECKER should really make a name for himself in SuperEnduro, and could get on the podium before the end of the season.

A 22nd Nationality 

21! It was the number of nations that we were able to count at the opening round of the Championship at the Tauron Arena in Krakow. In Riesa, we were able to count a 22nd: the Netherlands! Indeed, two young Dutch riders decided to try their chances in Prestige: Robin HOLTMEULEN (KTM) and Wesley PITTENS (Yamaha)! The former was not able to qualify for the big night, but the latter, PITTENS did very well for his first appearance in SuperEnduro. He finished in 9th place and expressed his desire to try SuperEnduro again in the future.

The Boutique Expands!

ABC Communication aims to expand its merchandise range for the fans of the sport. As well as the usual official caps of the Championship, the promoter was able to introduce a brand new Acerbis jersey with the logos and colours of the SuperEnduro World Championship, as well as a new beanie. 
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