Aspen alkylate, the Fuel of the Championship!

From the opening round of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship on December 9th, in the Tauron Arena of Krakow, Poland, each rider will use Aspen fuel after ABC Communication, promoter of the series, found an agreement with the Swedish firm.

Even if SuperEnduro is an indoor sport, the environmental problems are key points in the reflection of ABC Communication and the FIM. In this meaning, Alain BLANCHARD, with the help of the Swedish organizer (Lidköping – March, 31st), has entered into a partnership with company Aspen in order to propose a high performance fuel with less hazardous components. 
This Aspen fuel, launched in 1988, is made with Alkylate petrol that is cleaner than regular petrol and already use in indoor races in Sweden and Finland. Aspen alkylate petrol contains up to 99% less of hazardous hydrocarbons than normal gasoline. This reduces health risks significantly.

Sonny BÄCK, Technical Sales Support: “We (Aspen) look forward to work with Alain BLANCHARD and ABC Communication. We have a very positive look at the work they do to focus on the environmental aspects in indoor racing contexts…

Alain BLANCHARD: “The environmental aspect is becoming a more and more important part in the motorsport industry in general, and especially indoor racing. Together with Lantmännen Aspen, we are pleased to be able to put the headlight on environmental aspects in the SuperEnduro World Championship!” 

Thanks to this sponsorship with Aspen, every protagonists of the SuperEnduro, from riders, teams, to officials, marshalls and mainly spectators, will be able to “breath better” in the five arenas of this 2018 season!