SuperEnduro Arrives in Budapest!

Just two weeks after an absolutely crazy Spanish Grand Prix which saw Colton HAAKER (USA - Husqvarna) shake up the standings and become the new leader in the Prestige category, the stars of SuperEnduro are back this Saturday, February 9,  at the Papp Laszlo Sportarena in Budapest, Hungary...

For the very first time in the history of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, Hungary enters the calendar thanks to Adam HADOBAS and the Race4U Promotion team.

Adam HADOBAS chose the Papp Laszlo Sportarena to host the fourth round of the season. The venue, opened in 2003, has hosted many international events such as the European Women's Handball Championships in 2004 and 2014, the World Indoor Athletics Championships (2004), and the European Women's Basketball Championships (2015). The Papp Laszlo Sportarena will welcome 8,500 people this Saturday evening for the first SuperEnduro in Hungarian history!


HAAKER The Hunted, WEBB & BLAZUSIAK the Hunters!

Madrid has changed the face of the Prestige category! After the setbacks of Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL - KTM) and the mechanical problems of Cody WEBB (USA - KTM), it is now Colton HAAKER who finds himself as the man to beat!
The factory Husqvarna rider will go from hunter to hunted with top guns such as WEBB and BLAZUSIAK hot on his heels. It’s a big ask, and once again the three Prestige races will be worth their weight in gold.
Especially as WEBB is only 13 points down, and BLAZUSIAK 31 points behind. The Pole will have to comeback in his usual style and give everything to overcome the deficit, a task made more difficult by the sprained knee he picked up during the last race in Spain...
Behind this tremendous trio, the Spaniards Alfredo GOMEZ (Husqvarna) and Pol TARRES (Husqvarna) could well get in the mix and take their own slice of the action and the points...
These two compatriots will also seek to consolidate their places in the Top 5 in the category, while Kevin GALLAS (D - Husqvarna), Diogo VIEIRA (P - Yamaha) and Blake GUTZEIT (RSA - Husqvarna) will also want to join them.
Finally, Xavi LEON SOLE (E - Husqvarna) and Cristobal GUERRERO (E - Yamaha) will have to put together a solid evening so as not to let David LEONOV (R - Husqvarna) and Jose Marie JUAN BERNABEU (E - Sherco) overtake them in the Top 10.


HOARE Close to the Crown?

In the Juniors, William HOARE (GB - Husqvarna), undisputed leader since the first round in Poland, is 43 points ahead of his first pursuer Tim APOLLE (D - KTM) and 48 points of David CYPRIAN (CZ - KTM). The Brit is therefore capable of being crowned Junior World Champion one full round before the end of the season!
But APOLLE and CYPRIAN will do their utmost to upset the applecart, certainly aiming for second place or even higher should HOARE suffer misfortune. Leon HENTSCHEL (D - Husqvarna), Diego HERRERA (CL - TM) and Norbert Levente JOSZA (RO - Husqvarna) should also fight at the front for a podium place, while Teodor KABAKCHIEV (BG - KTM), Dominik OLSZOWY (PL - KTM), Ivan PUEYO GIL (E - KTM) and Enrico RINALDI (I - Husqvarna) will all be aiming for the Top 5!

After two weekends off, the European Cup also resumes in Budapest! Germany's Robert SCHARL (Husqvarna), team-mate of GUTZEIT and JOSZA, will certainly want to consolidate his small advantage as he is only 9 points ahead of Frenchman Paul BURY (Beta) and 13 ahead of Slovakia’s Thomas HOSTINSKY (Husqvarna).
Keep an eye too on Tom KNIGHT (GB - Gas Gas) who continues to get stronger race by race - he could well fight for victory, along with the Swede John NYSTRÖM (Husqvarna)...

After an intense and dramatic evening, everything changed two weeks ago at the Caja Magica in Madrid. And the stakes are high for this GP of Hungary - BLAZUSIAK will have to hand all his efforts in to hold onto his chance of the title, WEBB will have to prove that he come back at HAAKER... But above all, HAAKER will now have to resist the onslaught of all his rivals!
See you at the Papp Laszlo Sportarena this Saturday, February 9, from 18:00. And from 19:00 on For a 4th round which is sure to offer up plenty of suspense and surprises!

Practical Info:

-    Budapest (Hungarian Capital) ;
-    Saturday 9 February from 16:00 (doors open) ;
-    Organisation: Race4U Promotion;
-    Website: ;
-    Format: 3 Prestige races, 3 Junior races, 2 European Cup races;
-    Ticket prices: 40€ - 51€;
-    Airport: Budapest
-       Live TV: from 19:00 CET