SuperEnduro with French Flavour!

The curtain has just fallen on the 2017 season of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. We look back at the best moments of this AMV Grand Prix of France which took place in the Parc des Expositions in Albi

French Ambience!

It is well known that in Enduro, the French spectators are on fire with their support for the riders, and generally create a fantastic atmosphere during every lap of every event. And this year’s AMV Grand Prix of France did not deviate from the rule! The 4000 spectators who flocked to the finale gave a highly charged atmosphere to the whole evening; the 3 hours and 30 minutes of racing and entertainment. The crowd were well-assisted by the Slovenian "X-Dance" cheerleaders as well as a "Made in US” rider show with the Bronx Drummers and Max VIAL (F - Husqvarna) performances. The fans shook the walls of the Expo Park in Albi. And they won the honorary title of “Top Fans” of the season!

Max VIAL (F - Husqvarna)

VIAL their hero…

With the lack of a top Prestige rider in SuperEnduro, the French public was keen to be able to cheer for a local contender and Max VIAL filled this role on Saturday night! The Husqvarna rider, a native of Blois, had a very good evening with a fantastic comeback in the second final to win the race. This result allowed him to achieve his first podium in SEWC, and also third place in the Junior Championship. This is what we call a dream evening...

An Expo within an Expo

The French organizers decided to open the doors to the public at 16:30, that is to say, three and a half hours before the start of the racing action. For the assembled public they had created an ‘expo village’ in the second room of the Parc des Expositions venue. In addition to the traditional drinks bar, the catering, and the waffle stand, there were many motorbike exhibitors with some of France’s top dealers and European importers; Air Globe, Center 2 Roues, Moto Center 81 and BES Motos. The fans could also visit the SN Diffusion booths, the Leclerc Commercial Center, the Army stand and the training center of the Lycée François MARTY led by Pierre-Marie CASTELLA and former rider Stéphanie BOUISSON...

Adrien JACON (F - KTM)

JACON Stands Out!

The ‘European class’ (previously known as the National class) allowed a few young French riders the chance to stand out in front of a big crowd and important members of the motorcycle industry. Adrien JACON (KTM) managed to finish in second position in the finale, just behind European Champion Mike HARTMANN (D - Husqvarna) and ahead of Vice-Champion Marcel TEUCHER (D - KTM)! The young rider from Savoy (19 years old) showed a solid technical performance and a lot of perseverance against the attacks of TEUCHER and Jonathan PEARSON (GB - KTM). A special mention also goes to Joffrey MARIN (Kawasaki - 5th), Julien BESOMBES (KTM - 7th) and Florent ROUZIES (Husqvarna - 8th).

Bam Bams a Go Go!

As is becoming more commonplace during sports shows around the world, the 4,000 fans in the Parc des Expositions of Albi were offered free ‘inflatable Bam Bam sticks’ (two blow up tubes which when hit together make a loud noise) in the colours of Motorex and Freegun! And when the commentator Maxime MARTIN asked the public to liven up the Expo Parc, the Bam Bams made the walls shake! A nice touch and good initiative from these two sponsors, who helped to create even more of an atmosphere during the finale.

The Bronx Drummers

On Saturday night, the famous “Tambours du Bronx” - Bronx Drummers - lit up the stadium. The 16 performers enthralled the audience during the Rider Presentation with 12 minutes of exceptional percussion. Adding to an amazing atmosphere in the venue and getting the crowd excited for the night’s racing! They also closed the evening with several extra performances and gave the night an ‘American Show’ style.