WEBB & GALLAS Consolidate Their 24MX Leader Plates!

What a crazy event! The third round of the season, played out in Malaga’s Palacio de Deportes Carpena, culminated in a great show for the 6,000 spectators in the stadium. The Prestige class win was fought until the very last chequered flag.

The three Prestige Finals were hailed as the most intense and wildest ever seen in SuperEnduro. At the end of the night, Cody WEBB (USA - KTM) left with two points over Jonny WALKER (GB - KTM) and five on Billy BOLT (GB - Husqvarna).
The Californian benefitted from the DNF of Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL - KTM) in the second race, and this allowed him to consolidate his position at the top of the Championship, and hold on to the 24MX Leader’s Plate!
For now he has a 24 point advantage on BLAZUSIAK, and 31 on BOLT. But with two more rounds and 6 finals still to come, nothing is guaranteed yet!

Cody WEBB with Ashkan AGHILI (24MX Head of Markets)

In the Junior class Kevin GALLAS (D - Husqvarna) had a quieter and more straight forward evening than WEBB, dominating the three races. The German also took the advantage over his nearest rival, Kyle FLANAGAN (RSA - Yamaha), to keep his 24MX Leader Plate and pull a big gap at the top of the table. In fact, GALLAS relegated the South African to more than 37 points behind.
After a good Spanish GP, Poland's Emil JUSZCZAK (KTM - 2/2/2) climbed to third place in the provisional rankings, just 4 points behind FLANAGAN.

This first ever Grand Prix in Malaga offered three of the most intense races in SuperEnduro history. But all the madness failed to phase Cody WEBB, who kept his 24MX Leader Plate and improved the gap on his rivals who include BLAZUSIAK, BOLT, HAAKER and WALKER.
See you next time at Bizkaia Arena in Bilbao in less than two weeks, on March 3rd, for the 4th round of the season which is sure to be extremely tense and exciting...


Prestige : 1. Cody WEBB 155pts; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 131pts; 3. Billy BOLT 124pts; 4. Colton HAAKER 114pts; 5. Jonny WALKER 105pts; 6. Alfredo GOMEZ 105pts; 7. Manuel LETTENBICHLER 99pts; 8. Cristobal GUERRERO 50pts; 9. Blake GUTZEIT 50pts; 10. Danny MCCANNEY 41pts…

Junior: 1. Kevin GALLAS 156pts; 2. Kyle FLANAGAN 119pts; 3. Emil JUSZCZAK 115pts; 4. William HOARE 97pts; 5. Diego HERRERA 93pts; 6. Ignacio FERNANDEZ 91pts; 7. Leon HENTSCHEL 73pts; 8. Oskar KACZMARCZYK 59pts; 9. Teodor KABAKCHIEV 55pts; 10. Norbert Levente JOSZA 50pts…

Kevin GALLAS with Ashkan AGHILI